We are so excited you are considering joining us as an Independent Wellness Guide!  Joining Radiantly You is an amazing choice to create a healthier home and bank account!

There are so many decisions that come with starting your own business and choosing the right starter kit can be a quick and easy one!  We created three different starter kit levels to fit everyone’s budget, goals and desires with their Radiantly You business.

So, let’s walk through how the kits have an impact on your life.  We designed our kits to take the guesswork out of going green + give you the best possible sampling of products at an amazing, one time discount.

Sampler Kit:

Exactly as the name implies, this kit is a great sampling of the Radiantly You product categories and give you a peek into the fabulous product line that we offer.  This is the smallest kit, so you’ll find that some of the products you may want to try are not included, but it is always a great way to get your introduction to Radiantly You.  This kit is a great option for those looking at starting their journey but not necessarily seeking to earn the highest income.

Basic Kit:

This kit is a step up from the sampler and you’ll find awesome additions, such as our luxurious body butters, our amazing hand soaps and even some of our signature RY Essential Oil blends.  This kit, found in the middle of the three, offers you a product for almost every room in the house, helping you easily create a toxic-free home!

Business Builder Leadership (BBL) Kit:

This is the King of the Kits and stepping it up to the BBL level not only sets you apart inside the compensation plan (see below) but it also gives you one of almost every product Radiantly You offers!  This is the only kit in which you’ll find our exclusive Radiantly Timeless skincare line and offers you a wide variety of all our toxic-free cleaning products, giving you the safest home on the block!

Now, let’s look at how the kits affect your business:

Each kit is attached to its very own Team Builder Bonus (TBB) level inside the compensation plan.  These bonuses stay with you for the lifetime of your Radiantly You business and are a very large part of our Independent Wellness Guides commission checks.  So naturally, choosing a kit is one of the most important decisions you will make beginning your RY venture.  Once you choose a kit and start your business, the level can only be upgraded inside of your first 30 days (through an additional purchase of a full-priced kit), so we want you to make the best decision from the beginning!  This bonus is paid out three levels deep, so you earn it with everyone you sponsor, everyone they sponsor and everyone that they sponsor – powerful stuff!

Check out the charts below to see the benefits (both financial and otherwise):

Our best recommendations:

If you’re looking to create a solid stream of income with your Radiantly You business for years to come, you’ll want to offer yourself the highest bonus structure possible – grab the BBL!

If you’re willing to follow the RY marketing system, build a business & a team, think about what you’d tell you amazing new team members as they get started and then follow that advice!

If you’re going to be putting your precious time and effort into your business, get the highest return for that investment – go BBL!

If you’re going to be sharing the products and helping guide others on their detox journey, you should be a product of the product!  Make sure you’ve tried them, know how to share them and most importantly, create the safest home in the neighborhood! 

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